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Even the best brands grow stale. Have you ever wondered why iconic companies like Coca Cola change their logo and/or slogan every now and then? When your message stops resonating with your audience, it may be time for a rebrand.

Reinvigorating your brand, of course, is a major undertaking. Even if you know something needs to be done, you may hesitate to take action simply because you’re worried you don’t have the resources to go through a full-scale rebrand. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it on your own. Keep reading to find out how an integrated agency can bring new passion to your brand.

Audience Research

Bringing new passion to your brand does not necessarily mean you have to start from scratch. Your brand probably had aspects that continue to work for your target audience. Instead of a holistic change, your agency can help you determine what these elements are, and carry them over to inspire passion while maintaining continuity.

For example, audience research may show that your brand’s logo continues to resonate with potential customers, but the tagline simply doesn’t work anymore. In that case, re-inspiring your audience is as simple as coming up with a new, creative line while keeping the logo intact.

Regrouping Around a Theme

Every successful brand has to be centered around a unifying theme. Neglecting this point means inviting cognitive dissonance and a message that is inconsistent at best, and contradictory at worst.

Many brands fail despite a great idea, simply because they lack this unifying theme. An integrated agency can help you either develop or hone in on the theme most likely to resonate with your audience, and build your brand strategy from there.

A Coordinated Roll Out

Finally, contradiction also matters when it comes to rolling out your reinvigorated brand. It’s difficult to inspire passion if your audience cannot decide whether your new or old brand identity is the one they should follow and embrace. That’s why a coordinated roll out is crucial to making sure your brand achieves its goals.

Unfortunately, that coordination is often easier said than done. Because of limited resources, it may be impossible to launch your new website at the same time you update your social media pages and send out a print campaign that has been planned for a while. And again, that’s where your integrated agency enters the picture. Together with you, they will be able to sit down and plan exactly how and when you should roll out our new brand identity for maximum consistency and success.

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In short, an integrated marketing agency can play a large part in reinvigorating the passion among your target audience for your brand. By both helping you set up the strategy and doing the roll out legwork, your agency can help ensure that when you present your new, re-imagined, or adjusted brand, you can do so confident that it will resonate with your audience.
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