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Are you author, trainer, speaker, seminar leader or coach and starving to gain fame and fortune.
Then; this article is for you!

Give your soul and fortune and fame will come to you!

“This industry is not about you. This has to be about people, It is about contribution.”

Find your core skill, turn it into niche content, and then give it away to transform other people’s lives.


Hi, I am Suneel Yadkikar and I am here not only to share but with the ultimate goal of helping you cut through the noise. In this article i will reveal the 3 Secret Hacks That The Most Successful author, trainer, speaker, seminar leader or coach use. I learn to know these 3 Secret Hacks after a number of years following and observing industry leaders like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Arfeen Khan and few more in the list.

Lets Borrow those 3 Secret Hacks That The Most Successful author, trainer, speaker, seminar leader or coach use.

Secret Hack #1


Before going any further with your plan get engage with developing “Rich Online Presence”. This will not only help people to learn more about you but it’ll also help you to gain the the faith/trust of those people, And eventually it will create positive mindset among the people to get enter into YOUR TRIBE.

Tribes are what matter then and now!

What tribes are, is a very simple concept that goes back 50,000 years. Tribes are nothing but a group of people connected to one another, to a leader, and to an idea.

A tribe can be a group of people centred around a single idea, like being entrepreneur, being writers, or being artist.

Thanks to the revolution of internet into evolution of social media; now days a tribe is not limited to a geographic group of people bound together by proximity and family.

Mind Your Own Tribe! YOUR TRIBE is everything for you..

People love to purchase from whom they know or trust. So, once you succeed in building YOUR TRIBE, you are not so far from gaining fame and fortune.

 How to develop Rich Online Presence?

By strong presence mainly on:


Secret Hack #2

Line up your Inventory! That Matters!

Create a series of products that fill specific price points.

Creating Information Products/Services is crucial to your success as an Author, Trainer, Speaker, Seminar Leader & Coaches.

However, if you are passionate about a topic, it’s easier for you to create Information Products/Services with valuable content.

You must have to create Information Products (Books, Audio Programs, Video Programs) And Services for which you have a passion.

Create a series of products that fill specific price points.

As a author, trainer, speaker, seminar leader or coach you need to plan and produce a full line of supporting products that fill specific price points.

  • Freebies: It can be an eBook, a small report, seminar, webinar, online video/audio training .
  • .xxx-x,xxx: Your book
  • .x,xxx-xx,xxx: Audio Programs based on a particular topic.
  • .xx,xxx-xx,xxx: Video Programs based on a particular topic.
  • .xx,xxx-xx,xxx: Seminar, Workshops or Bootcamps.
  • .xx,xxx-x,xx,xxx: Coaching, mentoring, consulting, membership, products, services

Secret Hack #3

Sales And Marketing

Above anything else, what most all of use want is to gain more customers and increase sales. In order to gain more customer you have to market your product. Applying any traditional marketing methods can become more costly, this is where online sales funnels come in. Online sales funnels are more cost effective and result oriented. By creating a online sales funnel, measuring its results, and upgrading it over time, you’ll have a streamlined system that allows you to easily increase sales whenever needed.

Time to leverage the power of internet and social media

Online Sales Funnel

It’s all about leads and sales.

A sales funnel is “a series of steps designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision. The steps are composed of marketing assets that do the work of selling, like landing pages and email.”

Online marketing funnel works on simple 4-STEPS formula :

  1. Awareness – They don’t know who you are. You need to make sure they do.
  2. Build Interest – Once they know who you are they need to become interested in your story, in your successes,and in how you can help them.
  3. Build Desire / Decision – Show them they need to have that which you can offer.
  4. Call to Action – Offer them a mechanism to obtain it from you.

Get Your Leads to Buy Some Product, No Matter How Inexpensive It Maybe.
Have products at all price points, starting as low as100 or even FREE (with the exchange of contact details or even only email id). Get prospects to buy something so you can get them into the funnel.

Let's understand How the Marketing Funnel Works From Top to Bottom

AWARENESS : Get out the word about who you are & what you do. Generate Traffic, Build recognition.

CAPTURE : Offer a Lead Magnet to build a targeted list of Potential Customers.

NURTURE : Providing massive value, education, solution to build trust.

CONVERT : Ask for the sale.

RETENTION : Selling multiple products over the period

What Now?

Now that you understand the 3 Secret Hacks That The Most Successful author, trainer, speaker, seminar leader or coach use. It’s time is to take action and applying those 3 Secret Hacks in order to to gain Fame And Fortune by Teaching What You Love.
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