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By now everyone knows how important it is for their business to have a strong web presence. For some though, they may be wondering “Do I need a blog for my business?

Every business website will have static information such as what product or service is offered, contact information, and perhaps a map to designate their location as well. This information is vital but it does not really encourage a customer to come back to the site.

Have you ever visited a website and realized they haven’t updated it in months, if not years? The perception is that the business is not actively working on their own business or perhaps that they don’t have credible information to share with you, the website visitor. Oftentimes, a new search to find a fresh, engaging website will meet a visitor’s needs and expectations.

How will I use a blog for my business?

Blogs offer a way to update your website frequently and offer new information on a daily or weekly basis. A blog can help a business owner offer dynamic content and become more interactive with current and potential customers. People are always browsing for great tips and information they like to share with their family, friends, or colleagues.

If a business owner is truly excited about what they offer and want to grow their business, they will naturally want to share their knowledge and/or new products or services with their customer base. This alone is a great reason why you should answer, “Yes, I need a blog for my business.”

A blog that offers value is just one more way to provide a service to your clientele. If the information you share is useful, customers will come back and join the growing community on your blog. Adding a section where readers can comment and share opinions is also a great way to help people feel more engaged and connected with your business.

Blogs are a surefire way to provide consistent information without it feeling like a promotion or sales pitch. When a reader is interested in purchasing your products or services, you’ll be able to reach them as a credible source rather than starting from scratch on the sales cycle. You have already impressed them with your knowledge and expertise… now you can service their needs.

Marketing requires content that is shared on a regular basis. Websites require even more effort, because your competition’s website that full of fresh content will beat your website when it comes to relevance and SEO standards.

So you’re probably thinking, “Yes, I need a blog for my business.” But…

What if I’m not a writer?

That’s okay! Because you are an expert in your field. We’ll work with you to ensure your blog posts match your company’s products, services, and values.

If you’re thinking “I need a blog for my business” – contact Growithus today.
Growithus offers blog writing services to help grow your business. We develop custom blog posts, allow you to edit them (if you’d like), and upload them to your website ensuring proper SEO keywords, graphics, photos, and/ or videos are included to make the blog post a complete experience for your website visitors. We can even help you share these blogs on your social media accounts and use them in your email marketing campaigns.
If you would like to learn more about Growithus’s blog writing services, please contact us or call 77770 33990.
We look forward to helping you grow your business with quality blogs and content marketing.


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